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In this space, we share the exciting work pursued by the technical team of the Department of Radiology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, in Amsterdam. You can find the PIs, and their research lines listed on the side of this section.

For a full glimpse of the clinical department, including clinical scientists, radiologists, and radiographers, please visit the NKI website.

Grants, consortia and more #

Open Positions #

  • Master thesis internship We have available resources and projects for master theses in the fields of artificial intelligence, and technical medicine. Interested? Send us an email with your cv!

We are always welcoming ambitious researchers, from any background of science, who would like to prove themselves are leaders and pursue their research line within our department lab. If this description fits your profile, please send us a copy of your resume, and motivational letter, with an explanation of what research lines you would like to pursue in our lab, and why our lab would be the best fit for it. Candidates must have completed a Ph.D. trajectory to be eligible.

Closed Positions #