Thierry Boellaard

Thierry Boellaard, MD PhD #

Research Interest #

Response evaluation and prediction in patients with urothelial cancer treated with immunotherapy using multiparametric MRI and AI Pretreatment imaging in patients with prostate cancer using MRI (or combined with PSMA PET).

Education #

  • 2002-2009 Medical training at;
  • 2009-2013 PhD in CT colonography at Supervisor Prof. Stoker. PhD Thesis;
  • 2013-2018 Residency in radiology at

Work experience #

  • 2004-2005 Research assistant, Dept. Experimental Internal Medicine at;
  • 2009-2013 Radiologist and post-doc researcher at Dept. Radiology at

Selected Publications #

van Dijk N et al. Preoperative ipilimumab plus nivolumab in locoregionally advanced urothelial cancer: the NABUCCO trial. In: Nature Medicine 2020

Trebeschi et al. Development of a prognostic AI-monitor for metastatic urothelial cancer patients receiving immunotherapy. In: Frontiers in Oncology 2021

Boellaard TN et al A multi-center randomised double- blind placebo controlled trial to evaluate the value of a single bolus intravenous alfentanil in CT colonography. In: BMC Gastroenterol 2013

Veerman H, Boellaard TN et al. The detection rate of apical tumour involvement on preoperative MRI and its impact on clinical outcomes in patients with localized prostate cancer. In: Journal of Robotic Surgery 2021

Meijer D et al. External Validation and Addition of Prostate-specific Membrane Antigen Positron Emission Tomography to the Most Frequently Used Nomograms for the Prediction of Pelvic Lymph-node Metastases: an International Multicenter Study. In: European Urology 2021

Awards #

Gold Medal ESGAR best abdominal radiology publication of 2015: Tutein Nolthenius CJ, Boellaard TN et al. Best 20 presenters at the ESGAR 2018

Grants #

  • Dutch Cancer Society KWF - Data management for clinical studies for the COCOS Surveillance study;
  • DUOS - AI to predict response to immunotherapy in urothelial bladder cancer using MRI;
  • Dutch Cancer Society KWF - INDIBLADE study - Phase 2 clinical study to assess the efficacy of Induction ipilimumab/nivolumab to spare the bladder in urothelial bladder cancer (co-applicant and work package leader).

Promotions & Alumni #

MSc in Technical Medicine (University Twente) #

  • Kevin Groot Lipman developed a deep learning algorithm to imitate the legal, medical assessment of asbestosis. Kevin’s graduation project was supervised in a collaboration between Radiology (Zuhir, Thierry and I) and Thoracic Oncology (Dr. Sjaak Burgers). His work was awarded the highest grade (10/10). He is currently pursuing a PhD in our department within the research line of prognostic monitoring. MSc Thesis - News Article

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